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At Classic Car Audio we are proud to offer owners of classic vehicles the ability to have modern digital quality sound in their classics.

Custom Autosound Mfg., Inc. established in 1977 is the originator and industry leader of ‘Classic Car Audio’. They manufacture radios made exclusively for classic and custom vehicles featuring AM-FM cassettes, CD changer control radios and dual speaker upgrades for American Classics from the ’40’s to ’80’s. We are proud to have been appointed one of their Canadian distributors.

Our goal is to give you today’s quality sound in your classic vehicle without compromising its appearance. All of the products are designed to be installed without vehicle modification.

Custom Autosound customizes all radios offered to fit your original radio openings. Radios are configured with appropriate logos, bezels and correct tuning shaft dimensions to give you a no modification ‘OEM’ fit. There is a $15 customization fee for vehicles that require a custom build.

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If you want great sound at an affordable price then this is the radio for you! A quick review of the features and you’ll realize why it’s our best seller. Now with 200 watts and auxiliary input for iPod, MP3, satellite radio, etc. This radio has outstanding features.
*AM-FM Stereo * Auto Reverse Cassette * 200 watts (4×50) * Auxiliary Input * Electronic Tuning and Volume Control * Pre-set Scan * Digital Clock * Best Station Memory * 30 Pre-sets (12AM-18FM) * 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs * 4 way Fader * Separate Bass and Treble * Fast Forward and Rewind * Digital Clock * Power Antenna Lead * Chrome Face, also available in Black Face USA-01BK.





A great look and sound at an awesome price. This Concours series USA-230 radio has no cassette but comes with Auxiliary Input for iPod, MP3, Satellite radio, etc. Classic features with a classic look. These exciting features include:

* AM-FM Stereo * 200 Watts (4×50) * Auxiliary Input * Digital Clock * Electronic Tuner * 30 Pre-sets (12AM-18FM) * 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs * 4 way Fader * Chrome & Black Nosepiece * Power Antenna Lead

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iPod Interface available for this modelIf you want to keep the classic look of your dash, but demand the great sound that today’s modern electronics offer, this is the radio you’ve been looking for. This AM/FM Stereo unit is packed with features, including a whopping 240 Watts (4×60) * Electronic Tuning and Volume Control * Auxiliary Input for iPod, MP3, satellite radio, etc. * 25 Pre-Sets * Separate Bass/Treble Controls * Power Antenna Lead * 4 Channel RCA Pre-Outs * Electronic Tuner * CD Changer Controller. The radio buttons will control all functions of the 10-Disc CD Changer offered on the CD options page.
Note: This radio does not include a cassette player.

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Any vehicle with a DIN (approx.). 7.2″ X 2.11″ radio opening! Includes most foreign / domestic vehicles, 84 up. Also CLASSICS & STREETRODS already cut for DIN radios (single CD players). The first CD player with a classic look! Fold Down Full Detachable Front Panel – Available in Chrome or Black models.

Features: CD/WMA/USB/SD/MMC INTERFACE * Fold down & Full detachable face panel * CD/MP3 Compatible * Full Electronic Loading CD/MP3 DECK * ESP-Electronic Shock protection * 4 x 40 watts * RCA pre-out (1 PAIR) for rear amplifier * Front Panel AUX in Jack * AM/FM PLL Tuning Radio * Electronic Audio Control, all functions * USB JACK ON FRONT PANEL * Jumbo Size Multi Color Display Panel * ID3-TAG COMPATIBLE – SHOWS ARTIST/SONG TITLE ON THE DISPLAY

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Slidebar Radios







The Slidebar Radio is Custom Autosound’s latest innovation in the quest for a perfect classic car radio.  Just slide the ‘slidebar’ to the right and the analog AM radio display drops away to reveal a full featured digital display. With the large OEM style push-buttons you get a perfect look in a classic dash. Now a radio that not only looks right and sounds great in your classic vehicle, it gives you a direct connection to today’s modern audio.  Although it looks classic it has the latest modern features that include an iPod doc. Navigation for the iPOD includes artist/song/album/playlist all from the buttons on the radio. A great feature so you can keep the iPod hidden away in your glove box or console. The USB input is still there on the back of the radio and allows you to plug in a USB flash drive for playback of MP3/WMA song files. The alpha numeric LCD display shows the song/artist/album titles during playback of flash drive (thumb drive), iPod files and RDS radio station information. This LCD display has 7 user selectable color choices so you can match it to your other dash illumination. As an option you can get Bluetooth music streaming from your Bluetooth capable phone or Bluetooth compatible player with the BLUKIT. A2DP music streaming allows you to advance the songs on your phone buy using the track up/down button on the radio. It will also mute the music while to take a hands free phone call through the radio. With 300 watts peak the radio should have all the power you may need, if you want more there are four pre-outs jacks and a subwoofer out on the back of the radio for optional amplifiers. The back of the radio also has auxiliary audio input for satellite radio or any portable player you may wish to use. If CD’s are your thing we have you covered as this radio will control an optional 6 disc changer USA-CD60 or our CD1 compact size CD/DVD mp3 compatible player.
The Slidebar Radio Features:
• AM-FM RDS tuner with 25 pre-sets (15-FM / 10AM)
• RDS tuner shows station / song / artist on LCD display
• 300 Watts Peak
• 7 LCD color choices (user selectable – white/red/blue/cyan/green/yellow/pink)
• LCD dimmer control
• Bluetooth Option Available (#Blukit)
• iPod doc and control (Control your iPod from the buttons on the radio)
• USB Port for Flash Drive MP3/WMA Playback
• Direct 6 CD Changer Control
• Alpha Numeric Display for MP3/WMA/ iPod files
• Electronic Tuning and Volume Control w/Last Volume Memory
• Bass / Mid / Treble Tone Control
• Loudness compensation
• Front Rear Fader
• Left Right Balance
• Digital Clock
• 2 Channel RCA Auxiliary Input for Satellite etc.
• 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs
• Subwoofer Line out w/Level and x-over Adjustments
• USA/Euro Tuner
• Power Antenna Lead

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Audio SSTsstsystem_1

Secretaudio is a hidden audio system that offers great flexibility for mounting in any type of vehicle. The main receiver/amplifier unit is usually hidden under the seat, or behind the dash. A 12ft cord from the Tuner/Amp plugs into a LCD display. A 9′ cord connects the Optional CD Changer to the Tuner/Amp.

Included with the system is a flush mount bezel for console or dash mounting. The small dimensions of the flush mount system allow you to install the LCD display almost anywhere. The LCD also comes with a bracket mount for easy installation in the glove box, under the dash, in the ashtray, sun visor, console, or wherever you choose. Since its only 3/4″ deep its especially handy for custom or streetrod applications where there may be wiring or ducting routed behind the panels you wish to utilize for mounting. When your installation is finished you’ll be rewarded with a quality professionally installed look.

Hideaway 200 Watt AM/FM CD controller with USB MP3/WMA Flash Drive, iPod interface and more. Featuring “RF” (radio frequency) remote control. Ideal for Streetrods, Classics, Customs or any Vehicle! Leave original radio intact! LCD display unit can be mounted almost anywhere and be controlled by wireless remote from up to 40 feet away. The tuner/amplifier unit (black box) can be hidden out of site (under seat, dash or trunk) . Comes with 10’ cable from LCD panel to tuner/amp. Two mounting options included for the LCD control panel! (Flush mount bezel, or a swivel mount bracket!) We have even included the iPod docking cable (iPod not included).


* AM/FM Stereo 200 watts 4×50
* RF Remote Control (radio frequency no line of sight required, up to 40′ range)
* USB MP3/WMA Flash Drive Player
* iPod® Direct Control Interface (built into tuner/amp unit) 7′ iPod Docking Cable Included
* Alpha Numeric LCD Display Shows Artist / Song Titles for USB, iPod® and Satellite Radio
* Satellite Radio Input (for optional Sirius® satellite radio tuner)
* Direct CD Changer Control (6 CD changer optional)
* Auxiliary Audio Input
* 4 Channel 3 Volt RCA Pre-Outs (for optional Amplifiers)
* Subwoofer Pre-Out (for optional Subwoofer Amplifier)
* Electronic Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance, Fader
* 5 Selectable iEQ Curves *pop/jazz/classic/beat/rock
* Zero Memory Current Draw (will not drain car battery when unit not in use)
* 24 Station pre-sets (18FM / 6AM)
* 10 Foot Cable from LCD Control Panel to Black Box (tuner/amp unit)
* Power Antenna 12V Trigger Lead
* Blue LED Illumination on Buttons and LCD Display with Contrast Control
* LCD Flush Mount Trim Bezel Included
* LCD Swivel Mount Bracket Included

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Audio SRMSremote_whand
This latest version of Secretaudio retains all of the great features of the SST model except now with a completely wireless LCD/Controller. Just install the black box anywhere in the vehicle and control your sound system via hand held LCD remote control from up to 40 feet away. This controller comes with re-chargeable battery’s and a cigarette lighter adapter for charging.


Speaker Options












Dash Speakers
Our dual dash speakers provide stereo sound from factory mono speaker locations. There are 38 different configurations available for most classic cars and trucks. The 1000 series speakers replace ‘OEM’ speakers that are held in place by screws. The 2000 series speakers replace ‘OEM’ speakers that are held in place by a metal bracket. These assemblies are pre-wired to ‘plug in’ instantly to our radios. Choose from Custom Autosound speakers or try our Kenwood speaker upgrades. Please see application chart for your vehicle.
Dual Voice Coil Speakers
Our new dual voice coil (DVC) speakers will give you the best quality sound possible from your original mono speaker location. These speakers have up to 70% more cone area than the conventional dual speaker setup giving you improved bass response and 140 watt power handling. Both stereo channels connect directly to one speaker. This is the best sound solution for the original speaker location we have found.
Available in 6″x9″ ,5″X7 and 4″x10″
Rear Speakers
These 3-way 6″x9″ speakers are rated at 200 watts and come with our exclusive flat metal grill with black finish. They can easily be painted to match your interior or left as is. Full Chrome Speaker Basket; 63mm Ferrite Tweeter & 36mm Neodymium Tweeter
4 ohm; 16 oz. Magnet, 67Hz – 20 kHz frequency response; Sensitivity 93db
CAM-693CUNDERCOVER Speaker Enclosures
Custom Autosound designed and manufactured these speakers specifically for ‘under seat’ or horizontal ‘wall’ installations. ‘Could be used on large ‘parcel shelves’ – wherever! Compact unit with one 5½” woofer and piezo tweeter in each enclosure. Under seat fit for most pre ’78 cars and trucks. 120 watt capacity! If you’ve got the space we have the solution! Each enclosure measures 3″ high X 8-1/4″ wide X 11-1/4″ long. Sold in pairs
UNDERCOVER II Upgrade Speaker Enclosures
Want a little more from your hidden speaker system? This is it! We have developed the UNDERCOVERII with an 8″ woofer and 2 Piezo tweeters in each box. This system can be mounted in many of the same locations as the regular UNDERCOVER. With the 8″ woofer in UNDERCOVERII you get a much fuller deeper sound. These are a great addition to our Concours series radios with their 200 watt capacity. Sold as (pair). Measure 11″W x 12.5″D x 3″H
You can now enhance sound quality with Custom Autosound’s new kickpanel speaker assemblies! These new kicks sound great, enhance interior appearance and affords a “no modification” fit. Most models feature 6½” coaxial (2-way) speakers with 80 watt power handling capacity (’55-’59 Chevy trucks use 4″ 2-way 60 watt speakers). All ‘kicks’ can be upgraded with Pioneer 6½” coaxial 120 watt speakers (’55-’59 Chevy trucks use Pioneer 4″ 2-way 70 watt speakers). Kickpanels come in black ABS plastic and are sold with or without speakers (except Chevelle models sold with speakers only).

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Wireless interface for Custom Autosound CD controller radios
(USA-630, Secretaudio (SST & SRMS), USA-66). This adapter plugs into the CD changer port of your Custom Autosound radio and gives you the ability to do hands free calling from your bluetooth capable phone.

Also listen to music stored on your A2DP enabled bluetooth device. If you have a CD changer or CD1 single player you can still use it with the adapter plugged in (there is a CD changer port on the control box of the Bluekit).
Main control box has a 1.5′ cord that goes to radio CD port, 6.5′ cord to answer button and 3.5′ cord from answer button to microphone.

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All control is from the buttons on your USA-630/USA66 or Secretaudio radio
> Plays CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD audio/WMA/MP3
> Small enough to hide under the seat or in glove box
> ESP Electronic Shock Protection
> Repeat/ Program/Random/Intro Function
> Multi-Angle Playback
> Last Position Memory
> 9′ Cable for connection to CAM head unit
Dimensions: 7″wide x 1″ high x 6-3/4 deep

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Custom Autosound USA-CD60
WORKS WITH USA 630, USA-66 and
MANUFACTURED AFTER 4/031 Bit 8x times oversampling. Twin digital-to-
analog converter. 3-Beam laser tracking.
Disc select up/down. Track up/down.
Anti-shock and vibration free design.
Designed for horizontal, vertical or
45° installation. Changer dimensions:
9-3/4″ (W) X 2-1/2″ (H) X 6-3/4″ (D)